Warehouse, Workshop, and Yard Cleaning Canterbury

Provide a healthy and safe work environment for your staff with CanSweep’s Warehouse, Workshop and Yard Cleaning Services in Christchurch.

Reduce Risk

metal littered on the floors of factories

Metal littered on the floors of factories, warehouses or car parks or construction sites poses a dangerous risk to your equipment, vehicles, and employees.

magnetic sweepers

Our magnetic sweepers can immediately improve standards of safety and efficiency across several industries and applications. A magnetic sweeper will catch debris before it can do harm, keeping workers and equipment safe.

high powered magnets

Our high-powered magnets are more efficient than traditional sweeping machines for sites plagued by metal objects and dust as they have proven to be much more accurate and efficient at removing toxic metals and other trace elements.

Minimise Downtime

Keeping dust away from clients’ stock sets our warehousing customers apart from their competitors. We will collect large litter like broken pallets, shrink wrap, and junk items and safely disposes of this for you before commencing the service. Don’t let dust interfere with your forklift’s electrical components.

With an increasing focus on worker exposure to diesel exhaust emissions and air quality at transport yards and warehouses, reducing dust levels through regular sweeping and scrubbing has become business critical.

Improve Site Safety

What may start with one or two pieces of rubbish can quickly lead to a hazardous workplace. Rubbish from daily operations creates slip and fall risks, metal objects can puncture vehicle tires, equipment, or injure people, and overexposure to dust can be detrimental to your employees’ health. Regular warehouse cleaning by experienced warehouse cleaners can help.

Dust is the most common health risk workers are exposed to during their day. The impact dust has can be dangerously overlooked by all stakeholders simply due to a lack of awareness. Businesses put themselves at risk if they are unaware of these risks. Regular sweeping and scrubbing are proven best management practice to reduce the impact of dust and improve air quality.

Increase Visual Appeal and Improve Morale

A regular sweeping and scrubbing service helps maintain tidy and presentable assembly areas and car parks for staff and visitors. Dust acts as a sink for diesel exhaust emissions common in transport and storage yards. Sweeping purifies the air removing diesel exhaust emission-soaked dust preventing it being kicked back up into the air by foot traffic and forklifts. Machine wet scrubbing which includes degreasing leaves floors safe and clean, removing built-up brake dust, dirt, dust, and tyre marks rejuvenating line markings.

Protect Health, Safety, and the Environment

Proper dust management is important to CanSweep. Our machines trap fine dust in an enclosed filter, with a three-stage purifying system. With scrubbing machines that use 70% less water and chemicals, fully trained operators and independently assessed and accredited Health and Safety systems, CanSweep is the right choice for a sustainable cleaning partner for your warehouse, workshop and yard. Find out more about how we can add value to your HSE program here.

Provide a clean retail premise where people want to be

Enjoy a Leaf, Dirt, Dust, and Rubbish Free Premises with CanSweep Car Park, Driveway and Path Cleaning Services in Canterbury

service sectors
Prevent visitors to your car park getting punctured tyres by letting us sweep up any broken glass, nails or other dangerous hazards! Be a responsible neighbour in your local community and ensure rubbish and debris isn’t tracked out of your site and onto the street.
Prevent visitors to your car park getting punctured tyres by letting us sweep up any broken glass, nails or other dangerous hazards! Be a responsible neighbour in your local community and ensure rubbish and debris isn’t tracked out of your site and onto the street.
Vacuum sweeping debris such as stone and sand/grit prevents it being reversed over repeatedly and ground into the surface of car parks which can lead to potholes and cause line markings to deteriorate.
We will clear away any built-up leaves and other hazards, prevent slip and fall hazards on your premisses and ACC claims! 

Keeping the outdoor areas clean and vacuum swept of dust and debris results in lower cleaning costs for inside, with less dirt and rubbish being blown or trodden indoors where it can soil stock.
We will pick up bulky litter, leaves and rubbish from your car park prior to commencing the sweeping service. This helps you prevent such debris entering the stormwater system where leaves can decompose on riverbeds and cause problems.
Make sure the entrance way to your commercial or retail premises is inviting and sets the right first impression! 

Provide a safe industrial workplace for your employees that ensures compliance

How does sweeping and scrubbing help Warehouses, Workshops and Yards?

industrial workplace
Remove unsightly trash and debris from fence lines. 
Remove unsightly trash and debris from fence lines. 
Improve air quality by removing settled dust efficiently after hours.
Keep walking areas clean and dust free to prevent slips, trips and falls.
Prevent dust stretching working components of conveyor belts.
Prevent dust settling on stock
Prevent dust from interfering with motors and electrical components.
Prevent trucks getting flat tyres from screws, pallet nails etc.
Preserve and rejuvenate line markings through sweeping and scrubbing.
process of sweepingprocess of sweeping

Which Sites Benefit from a Magnetic Sweep?

Our magnetic sweeping services are valuable for a wide variety of facilities, including:

Typical types of metal separated by the Magnetic Sweeper include swarf, staples, banding, nails, bolts, washers, mild steel shards, scrap iron, nuts, iron filings, and screws.

Manufacturing facilities

Large shop floors


Construction sites

Distribution centres

Transport terminals

Car parks

Industrial driveways

outsource sweepingoutsource sweeping

Why Outsource your Warehouse, Workshop and Yard Cleaning to CanSweep?

trusted service provider

Trusted service provider

CanSweep has been servicing the transport and logistics sector for over 20 years. We know the cleaning requirements and standards required and will happily recommend frequencies, best dust risk management practices, and machines.

reduce risk

Reduce risk

Prevent dust from settling on equipment or machinery and causing damage and downtime. Get rid of settled dust and improve air quality. Keep dust, debris, grease, and residues from your floors and reduce the chance of slip-and-fall injuries.

visual appeal

Visual appeal

Improve the visual appeal of your site for staff and visitors. Show others that cleanliness and safety are important to your company. We go out of our way to ensure a detailed clean. Our scrubbing service rejuvenates line and safety markings.

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CanSweep provides a level of cleanup that you won’t get anywhere else. We offer a full service from sweeping to scrubbing, flood water recovery, and emergency spill response.

Why Choose CanSweep?

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Proper Dust Hazard Management

Our team takes managing the risks of dust seriously, from the risk to health, to the fire risk of dust and risk to the environment. All operators are equipped with powered-air-purifying respirators for protection.


Efficient Machines

Our powerful sweeping and scrubbing machines make light work of cleaning large areas efficiently and produce optimal results. Our brushes are regularly changed, and filters meticulously cleaned.

Experienced Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Our fleet of new state-of-the-art scrubbing machines utilise ec-H20 technology allowing us to produce excellent results using far less water and chemicals. We contribute value to your HSE documentation.

experienced staff


Our diverse team has 40 years of combined industrial cleaning experience behind us. We have the right mix of skills, knowledge, and resources to deliver optimal results.

detailed work with efforts


We go the extra mile to ensure a detailed clean, removing trapped leaves, dust, rubbish, and debris before we commence sweeping. Our agile machines get right into corners and clean them.

A red icon of a trusted badge


CanSweep are inducted and trusted to provide cleaning services to over 200 industrial sites Canterbury wide. Our Health and Safety systems are independently certified and accredited.