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Enjoy a Dust, Debris, Grease, & Grime Free Industrial Site with CanSweep Industrial Cleaning Services in Christchurch
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Industrial Floor Cleaning Services We Offer

Industrial Sweeping
Industrial Sweeping

We specialize in good housekeeping solutions for industrial sites. Whether you need professional dust control, to improve the air quality of your industrial site or professional floor-sweeping we can help. We carefully remove any sign of dust or debris from your site to ensure a clean and healthy environment for you, your staff, and your customers.

Industrial Scrubbing
Industrial Scrubbing

Our team uses state-of-the-art industrial sweeping and scrubbing machines to leave your floors clean and promote a healthy environment. Hygiene in factories and warehouses is crucial to keeping employees happy and safe. Reduce the chances of unhealthy bacteria breeding in grimy corners. We can remove impregnated stains, spills, grease, residues, and grime from every area of your floors.

Spill Response
Spill Response

When accidents happen, we’ll be there. Our spill response team quickly cleans up spills on your site that could lead to serious repercussions for your business. Let our team carefully and quickly remove spills from your site with our highly efficient machines. Our powerful machines scrub with abrasive brushes and industrial cleaning solutions, leaving your floor gleaming, safe, clean, and dry.

Equipment Sales
Equipment Sales

In addition to our industrial cleaning services, we also provide equipment sales and servicing support. Contact us if you need access to the industry’s best and highest quality industrial scrubbing and sweeping machines for your site.

Maintain High Levels of Cleanliness and Hygiene

Hard to remove marks, spills, grime, protein, fat, and grease residues are common for industrial environments and car parks. At CanSweep, we specialise in the swift removal of grease, dirt, and stains from any floor surface. Whether you need to rejuvenate your line-markings, or stay on top of safety standards and regulations, our highly trained team can help.

Powerful Vacuum Sweeping Machines

Our powerful vacuum sweeping machines effectively and quickly remove dust, rubbish, debris, shrapnel, glass, woodchip and leaves from any industrial or commercial space including car parks, trolley bays, bike stands, downpipes, loading bays and building edges. We leave no stone unturned, using air brooms to free trapped debris to be swept up with our meticulously maintained machines.

Reduce Accident Risk

Industrial site managers know the risks associated with slips, pest infestations, unpleasant odors and product contamination caused by unmaintained workspaces. Contaminates, hazardous materials, and even respiratory health issues can be linked to unclean industrial and commercial sites. Avoid ACC claims, prevent allergies, slips, and falls by hiring CanSweep to eliminate debris and dust.

Routine Sweeping for a Better Clean

To maintain a clean and compliant industrial site in Canterbury, routine sweeping is a must. At CanSweep, we help you maintain appropriate standards and prevent dust and debris from settling and contaminating plant equipment and blowing back inside your building interior increasing overall cleaning costs. Get a better clean with our professional routine sweeping services.

State-of-The-Art Scrubbing Machines

To ensure that every client receives a superior clean we use the industry’s best scrubbing machines and dust control techniques to leave your floors clean and dry. Each machine is outfitted with exceptional squeegee capabilities for improved water suction to leave a dry surface almost immediately.

Interested in purchasing one of our machines? Reach out to us for information about our industrial sweeping and scrubbing equipment machine sales and servicing.

CanSweep Industrial Cleaning in Action

Why Choose CanSweep Limited for Your Industrial Cleaning Needs in Christchurch?

Industrial cleaning in Canterbury

Your business needs professional site cleaning services.

More directly, your company needs an industrial cleaning company that is experienced and reliable. CanSweep is that company.

The cost, effort, and downtime required to clean your own industrial site or retail premise is simply uneconomical and produces subpar results. We eliminate that burden.

When you choose our team, you’ll enjoy a cheaper, safer, and more thorough clean than you can get in-house. Remain compliant and set higher standards for your site, with help from our powerful industrial cleaning services.

Our Process


Give us a call or text on 021 330 999 or book a time online and we will come out to see you and assess the site or car park and discuss how we can help you with your industrial or commercial cleaning needs.


Either book the service on the spot and leave the rest to us, or we can email a no-obligation quote and provide free advice on which of our service and/or machines will help you achieve your cleaning goals.


Any induction and H&S documentation will be fulfilled, and our operators will take care of the rest. If you like, you can receive notifications when we are on the way to your job and receive before and after pics.

Contact Us for A Free Estimate
CanSweep provides a level of cleanup that you won’t get anywhere else. We offer a full service from sweeping to scrubbing, flood water recovery, and emergency spill response.

Why Choose CanSweep?

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Proper Dust Hazard Management

Our team takes managing the risks of dust seriously, from the risk to health, to the fire risk of dust and risk to the environment. All operators are equipped with powered-air-purifying respirators for protection.


Efficient Machines

Our powerful sweeping and scrubbing machines make light work of cleaning large areas efficiently and produce optimal results. Our brushes are regularly changed, and filters meticulously cleaned.

Experienced Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Our fleet of new state-of-the-art scrubbing machines utilise ec-H20 technology allowing us to produce excellent results using far less water and chemicals. We contribute value to your HSE documentation.

experienced staff


Our diverse team has 40 years of combined industrial cleaning experience behind us. We have the right mix of skills, knowledge, and resources to deliver optimal results.

detailed work with efforts


We go the extra mile to ensure a detailed clean, removing trapped leaves, dust, rubbish, and debris before we commence sweeping. Our agile machines get right into corners and clean them.

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CanSweep are inducted and trusted to provide cleaning services to over 200 industrial sites Canterbury wide. Our Health and Safety systems are independently certified and accredited.

Find out when we are in your area

Book a service when we are in your area and you will receive a discount. Either give us a call today or book online, the discount will be automatically applied.