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The Importance of Machine Selection, Maintenance and Operator Training

Choosing the right industrial cleaning machine for your business’s requirements can be daunting. At CanSweep we have exclusively used Tennant machines for over 20 years to provide outstanding results for our clients. We are happy to apply our years of practical experience and knowledge to help you select the right machine.

We can happily advise on parts and maintenance requirements, providing servicing, repairs, and operator training. Let us show you how to use industrial and commercial cleaning machines to get optimal cleaning results.

Leasing Imported Refurbished Machines vs Buying New

The finance options we offer for new machines work out more economical than leasing second-hand machines. Refurbished machines are often very old and missing the same capabilities and technology new machines provide. You also have no guarantee as to what contaminants or hazardous material the refurbished machine has been exposed to in its previous life. Second-hand machines result in more frequent breakdowns, pesky replacement machines your staff then need to learn how to use, the resulting downtime means more time and money is spent for less-than-optimal results. New machines are much more efficient, environmentally friendly, and require less time and money overall as a result.

Floor Cleaning Equipment for FSA/MPI/HACCP Compliance

Floors of warehouses, hallways and packaging areas at food production facilities often don’t get the attention they require. Bacteria and organisms from these areas can be picked up by shoes, wheels or onto hands which handle direct contact equipment and spread to high-risk areas. Industrial cleaning equipment designed for food processing and handling plants is the best way to ensure compliance with FSA, MPI and HACCP Standards and Certifications. Give us a call today to find out how cleaning floors with appropriate equipment will help you prevent contamination.

Floor Cleaning Equipment for Proper Dust Risk Management

Good housekeeping at manufacturing sites has become business critical to prevent worker exposure to dust and toxic particles entering stormwater drains. Sites conducting wood, synthetic mineral fibre, chemical, rubber and metal processing and fabrication are all face increasing worker exposure levels as well as Worksafe enforcement action.

Tennant has produced a range of vacuum sweepers and scrubbers to help. Equipped with HEPA filters, dust suppression systems, dust control skirts, and water flooding features these machines can greatly reduce your dust risk profile. CanSweep provide comprehensive advice on how to tackle industrial site dust issues, give us a call today to see how we can help.

Industrial and commercial sweeping

Why Consult CanSweep for your Industrial and Commercial Cleaning Equipment needs?

knowledge and experience

Knowledge and Experience

Over 20 years of knowledge and practical experience to share. Find out how to optimise equipment performance to reach your cleaning goals in a short amount of time with less cost.

advanced technology

Advanced Technology

From silica dust solutions to autonomous machines, Tennant are market leaders in industrial cleaning equipment that is highly efficient, quiet, and results in optimal floor condition with less down-time.

environmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Made from durable quality materials, Tennant machines provide a great investment and long-life cycle. With ec-H20 technology, dust skirts, HEPA filters and dust suppression systems, the sustainability credentials of these machines are second to none.

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